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DIY Stance Mat Instructions

How to build your own stance mat inexpensively



I recently purchased one of your Opti Shot turf covers. I don't normally try and correspond with people I buy things from off the internet but I was so pleased with my purchase experience with you I could not hold back.

First, I am very pleased with my Opti Shot turf replacement. Quality is excellent. Fit was perfect.

Second, and most important was your advice on how to build a stance platform. Your ideas and direction inspired me to do something really special. I am so pleased with the results I thought I would share my project with you.

As I'm sure you are aware there are dozens of choices for stance platforms on the internet. Some specifically designed to go with Opti Shot. I saw items priced from $179 all the way up to $500. They did seem nice in one way or the other but each had some short coming that kept me from pulling the trigger.

Your simple concept with reasonably priced materials opened my eyes as to how simple making my own would be. I am especially proud of mine because I made it myself to my exact specifications and couldn't be happier.

Here are my specs. I am also attaching pictures. They all may not fit in one email so I will send additional emails.

Size: 4'x6'
Opti Shot opening set at 5' from the back edge of the platform. My son is 6'4" and needed the extra length. It fits both os us great and even have room to lay some balls out when hitting at the range.

Materials: (2) 1/4"x4'x8' sheets of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Material is very strong, flat and smooth and perfect for accepting the carpet adhesive. I also used the pink outdoor styrofoam insulation board. I used a 1-1/2"x4'x8' piece.

I used panel adhesive to glue the MDF and foam board together after cutting my opening in the top sheet and foam. In the pictures you will see how I made the wire access hole.

On top of the MDF I glued 7/16" gym floor padding using indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive. It worked great to hold it down. I bought an inexpensive grade of gym floor pad from the same do it center I got the MDF and foam board from.

I then wrapped and glued/stapled some inexpensive indoor/outdoor green turf grass carpet (6x8 piece) over the padding.

Set in the Opti Shot and away we go.

The padding makes the surface incredibly comfortable. Easy to stand and play 36 holes without any back pain from the cold basement floor. Has a real grass/sod feel as it gives nicely when you drive off your feet while swinging.


MDF = $20
Foam board = $15 Gym Floor = $40 Turf carpet = $15 Adhesive = $13

Total for platform = $103
A complete bargain and the quality is amazing.
Thanks again. I hope you enjoy reviewing my design. Comments welcome.

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