TrueFeel XL Hitting Mat
  • TrueFeel XL Hitting Mat

    Introducing the all new JagManJoe TrueFeel HITTING Mat Tee Line.  Perfect for HD simulators, driving ranges (fit into fiberbuilt platforms), home and anywhere else you can thing of!!! Using the same technique in production as our popular simulator turfs!  Place the Mat on any surface and experience a great feeling shot no matter where you are!  Place the Chipping Mat on hardwood, concrete, even dry hardpan grass and have it feel like a perfect fairway.  At home, on the road, indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between.  The 1 1/4" tall turf allows for the club to freely go through without straining the wrists.  Although a bad shot will feel like it does on the course as well making this the ultimate on the go hitting mat practice tool!  With an embedded handle making trasportation even easier.  The all new XL TrueFeel Mat offers our unique design of turf embedded into urethane with a durometer reading that closely resembles that of the soil under the fairway.  The TrueFeel XL HITTING Mat Tee Line uses Tee Line Turf that is much more dense, than the Matzilla, providing ultimate protection and durability.  It also holds a tee anywhere on the pad.


    This mat measures 1' x 2'.

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