4'x5' Ultimate Matzilla Stance/Hitting Mat
  • 4'x5' Ultimate Matzilla Stance/Hitting Mat

    Made of 100% spring crimped nylon material, the Ultimate Matzilla Mat will not fade, bunch, weather or leave marks on your clubs. This golf mat is 2" thick with the 1.25 inch nylon turf thick bonded to a 5/8 inch thick polyethylene foam using a specially engineered urethane stabilizing layer. The foam is added for dimensional stability. The best part about the Matzilla Mat is that it accepts a wooden golf tee, allowing you to hit different clubs at different heights.  No more hitting off of a predetermined height of a rubber tee.  Rubber tees also give you a different feel because they obstruct your club at impact. Because it allows for wooden tees, our Matzilla Mat gives you that on the course feel.  The dense fiber mat lets you feel the difference on a fat shot because if you go too deep the thick fibers will slow your club head speed, resulting in a fat shot. In practice you will learn to eliminate your mishit shots. Our competitor’s golf mat will spring off the turf into the ball, which will result in mishit shots. Our mat lets you hit down on the ball for better practice.

    These mats are great for practice indoors and outdoors.  They also work great for all simulators.