Due to delay on arrival of certain supplies and the extremely high demand of the XL models there will be a wait time for at least a few weeks until all orders are caught up.  All of Joe's customers that have been waiting for as long as even August will be receiving theirs first and I will continue to be on a first come first serve basis.  Please bear with me as each mold is hand-crafted and takes a couple days to produce each one.  I am leaving my current job that I have had for 15 years in order to keep up with Joe's legacy.  There should be plenty of the smaller Tee Line available by mid-March.

Thanks for your patience,

Steve Christman


Just wanted to let everyone know Joe has given me the go ahead, after analyzing, to distribute my products.  I will be sending out a good number of orders next week.  I will contact those by e-mail that have been waiting, one by one, and should have them available on the site to the public by 3/14/17.  All international sales including preorders will also start shipping by 5/1/17 as well.  Again thank you for the patience in this transition!


Steve Christman and JAGMANJOE


International shipping is now available through eBay!!! Just search for Arsene Golf or JAGMANJOE. The XL models of both the Matzilla and TeeLine are available now and the original JAGMANJOE models will be available shortly.


Steve Christman

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