How ARSENE GOLF started


I've always loved golf... Every aspect of it.  From the layout of courses, etiquette of the game, joys, even the struggles and grinding.  In turn  the equipment, practice, and products that can improve our game has made me want to share everything I've come across with all of you.


When I met Joe there was a great chemistry.  We discussed the game we love and life.  Unfortunately he had taken ill.  Misdiagnosed by a doctor, a deteriorating blood clot in his leg resulted in pulmonary embolisms in both of his lungs.  Unable to continue the task of producing our turfs and to keep up with the demand of his SlickThings Turfs; He was forced to stop.  I could not let the legend he started just end.   He, with great detail, taught me his exact methods to create and continue the legacy of JAGMANJOE and SlickThings Turfs. 


Along with a new task at hand I needed a place to start discussing the sport we love and to distribute new, fun ideas of my own.  Hence ARSENE GOLF.  There will be updates and new products coming onto the site constantly.  

We greatly appreciate all of the sincerity and enthusiasm from all of our customers and loyal fans!!!





Arsene just so happens to be my middle name.  More importantly, it was also my Great Grandfather's name.  He was a very smart, accomplished man, filled with integrity while dealing with all types of people from around the world. Seeing as how that is my task at hand; I couldn't ask for a better name to represent myself or my business other than the name ARSENE.


I have over 30 years of experience in molding urethanes, epoxies, silicones, etc. in addition to molding SlickThings Turfs proudly in the USA. Through the years I have been involved in designing molds and molding small arts and craft tools, housings for low voltage led lights, clear and tinted light fixtures, custom door handles, urethane spoilers for the old Jaguar XJS, and other custom projects.

Joe Havian

SlickThings aka jagmanjoe


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